Grading Policy at FractionalCurrency.Net

Grading is neither as subjective as some sellers might have you believe, nor is it a science. Even the best grading companies can award a different grade to a given example on different days, but, again, that doesn't mean it simply a matter of opinion.

The majority of notes made available on FractionalCurrency.Net fall somewhere in the EF, "extremely fine", and AU, "about uncirculated". The notes will not be graded in any exact form except when they fall above or below those grades. Exceptional strengths or weaknesses, oddities, scarcity of a particular sub variety, will be noted in the descriptive areas to the left of each note. Pains have been taken to provide the best photos possible for each fractional so that you might be the final judge of its condition.

Those notes described as "uncirculated" will have been graded by a third-party service, or will exhibit the qualities of that grade with a clarity that merits that level.

Some notes of just a tad less than EF quality will be included and their lesser estimated grade will be mentioned. Sometimes they will be offered as solid overall examples that offer a saving to the buyer, and sometimes they represent types that, at higher grades, would be outside the buying range we feel is appropriate for our purposes at WWW.FRACTIONALCURRENCY.NET.

Any grade given or assumed is no guarantee that any given note will receive that grade, or a lower or higher grade, from a third-party grading service.

Our site is dedicated to introducing the general public to the beauty and variety of a virtually unknown segment of early American currency, and the notes are best suited to be purchased as unique gifts, keepsakes, or as part of larger collection of related Americana that might be enhanced by their inclusion. Collectors too, are always welcome if they spot a variety or type that they have not seen elsewhere.