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Continued Available Currency From Issue Three: 12/05/186408/16/1869

Third Issue Fifty Cent Note--Type II

Portrait of General F.E. Spinner, U.S. Treasurer Under Lincoln, And The Creator Of Fractional Currency.

The Redesigned "Type II" Reverses Were Printed Between May 1868, and April of 1869, And Were The Last Notes Of Issue Three. Sheet Position Indicator "a" Is Seen To The Left Of Colby's Signature.

As Indicated By The "PPQ", i.e. "Premium Paper Quality", Designation, This Is A Gorgeous Note. No Creases, Solid Bronzing And Above Average Margining Rival Many AU Examples.

A Light Touch Of Press Ink Along A Reverse Edge Keeps It Just Shy Of UNC At "Choice About New PPQ",



FR 1342







Third Issue Fifty Cent Note--Type II




Portrait of General F.E.. Spinner,
U.S. Treasurer Under Lincoln, And The
Inventor Of Fractional Currency.




Type II Variety, With "a". Excellent Color And Paper Quality, But Has A Bit Of Ink Darkening,   Repair at right is hard to make out and shows as a few pinholes when held to light. Nice Deal For The Type.




PCGS Graded EF 40 Apparent



FR 1342 (with "a")




Third Issue Fifty Cent Note--Type II

Portrait of General F.E. Spinner,
U.S. Treasurer Under Lincoln, And The Literal
Inventor Of Fractional Currency.



Corners Square, Paper Crisp, Two Faint Creases, And A Tiny Pin Hole On The Obverse, Hidden In Graphics Along Top. Very Nice XF.


No Separations, No Stains; A Fine Look  At The Man Came Up With The Idea And Original Designs For Fractionals Quicker Than You Can Say "Got Any Spare Change."  Excellent Deal For This Rarer Variety!


FR 1342 (with "a")





Third Issue Fifty Cent Justice Note

Vignette Of Recling Figure Of Lady Justice, Holding Scale.

The Justice Notes Were Issued Before The Spinner Bills, Beginning In December Of 1864. Printed First With A Red Reverse, Then Green; And With An Array Of Surcharge Combinations On The Reverse, The Justice Has, By Far, More Varieties Than Any Other Fractional Of Any Issue.

Like The 25-Cent Fessenden, The Justice Series Was Produced On Regular And "Fiber" Paper. The Fiber Issues Are More Scarce, And Higher Grades Scarcer Yet Due To The Rigid And Therefore More Brittle Makeup Of The Paper. No Fractional Collection Is Complete Without Representative Fiber Notes.

This Example grades a strong VF and has a "1" Imprinted At Left Obverse. The Scrollwork Is Deeply Colored With A Hint Of Green Not Seen On Regular Bronzed Paper. It Has Three Verticle Creases Somewhat Hidden By Its "Fiberous" Base. The Well Margined Reverse Includes The Widely Spaced And Well Defined "A-2-6-5" Surcharges That, Along With The "1" On Obverse, Identify The Variety.

FR 1372 Fiber--VF







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