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First Issue: Printed 08/21/1862—05/27/1863

Though hastily enacted and signed into law by President Lincoln on July 17th, 1862, the first issue of "Postage Currency" was no less artful than the stamps which their designs were based. In haste to get some change of sorts back into the marketplace, the government assigned the obverse and reverse engravings to two different companies, the American and the National Bank Note Companies. The earliest issues maintained the "perforated" edges of regular stamps. They were short-lived and therefore more rare—and today more dear—than the "clean edge variety. They came in 5, 10, 25, and 50-cent denominations, the 25 and 50-cent examples created by simply repeating the portrait pattern across the notes. All these issues were stampted inscribed "Postage Currency" and all following issues "Fractional Currency"

First Issue Five Cent Note

Jefferson on Obverse

The first issue included only four denominations, and each denomination was made up of four types. This is a deeply inked representative of the rarest type, the straight edge, without monogram. Most experts agree that this indicates that both sides were printed by the National Bank Note Company. This bill is short on the right, but shows inking and detail found on high end notes.

Make a deal on a scarce Five cent with loads of eye appeal.

Two very faint creases at reverse upper left.

FR 1231





Perforated First Issue Five Cent Note W/O Monogram



Jefferson on Obverse


Rich cocoa brown inking, even and complete perforations, and the absence of the more common "ABCO" monogram on the reverse make this a very scarce and desirable note.


CGA Graded Uncirculated 63 "Original Paper Quality"




FR 1229




$399.00              Sale: $359.00


Ist Issue 5cent

Ist Issue 5cent                      

First Issue Five Cent Note

Jefferson on Obverse


Monogramed reverse indicating that the obverse and
reverse were done by different companies, The
American Bank Note Company, and the National
Bank Note Company.

Crisp AU/UNC. Very Sharp Note, Even Margins..


FR 1230

$99.00                   Sale: $79.00  




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